Commercial Locksmith

Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about building security. Let Locksmith Solutions Now Services handle that for your company storefront or building. We work with our clients to devise the best possible security plans to meet their needs. We cover everything from basic door locks to high end master key systems. If you want to move away from keys, there are keyless and biometric access control systems we have available, call us today!



How long does it take for a locksmith to get to the business?

It will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes depending on your office’s proximity to our available locksmiths. All of our locksmiths are mobile technicians which mean they are on the road 95% of the time.


Do I need to know what type of locks the business has?

Locksmith Solutions Now staffs trained professionals that can assess the locks and inform you of the services that you may need. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge on the lock products. A history of the services provided would be helpful but not needed.


How long does it take a locksmith to open a door?

Once our locksmith has arrived they will assess your situation and inform you of the services you need.  A traditional office lockout will take approximately 25 to 30 minutes depending on the lock and method being used.


Will the office’s lock be damaged?

Most door opening methods such as picking or the use of a bump key will leave the lock in working order.  In the most extreme of cases, the lock might need to be drilled, after which the lock will need to be replaced.  Replacement is also no issue and is a service that your office locksmith can provide for you.


Will opening the company’s safe damage the property inside?

No!  Locksmith Solutions Now takes every precaution to make sure that your safe’s valuables remain unharmed during the process of opening the safe. If there are fragile items in the safe, it may be a good idea to let the technician know beforehand just in case.


Will opening the company’s safe damage the safe?

The safe will almost assuredly need to be replaced after opening because it will have been compromised and will no longer be able to securely house your property. Unfortunately, there is a 90% chance the safe will be damaged.


How much does a professional office locksmith cost?

Locksmith Solutions Now offers a variety of commercial locksmith services, and prices are based off the type of work required.  All standard service calls are priced at $15;  business/office lockouts start at $35; the price of mailbox/cabinet change has a starting cost of $35; new lock installation pricing begins at $35; new lock installation prices also start at $35; and pricing for safe lockouts start at $65.  For more on pricing, and the services we offer, visit our prices page.

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